Data Retrieval & Repair Services – Testimonials


“I want to thank Cyber Electronics for rescuing my data! They were extremely professional and prompt in all communications, giving me hope that they could restore my data in a timely manner. I had neglected to back up three years of family pictures and all kinds of data that I was sure I had lost. I have recommended Cyber Electronics to all my business associates as well as my personal friends. Kudos to you for a job well done!!”

– Julia H. Albany, IN

“Cyber Electronics did a wonderful job of working with me in retrieving my data. They were very patient and good at answering customer service questions. I am really satisfied with the services given to me. Thanks! Sincerely,”

– Suzanne S. Irvine, CA

“Thank you for all the help! I am glad that Cyber Electronics was able to save all my data. Friendly and reliable service. Thanks a bunch!”

– Christina W. Warren, NJ

“To all those that are looking for a computer data rescue service. I highly recommend Cyber Electronics. They are dedicated to helping service their customers and find solutions.”

– Richard Fukuhara. New York, NY

“Cyber Electronics helped me when another Data Recovery company could not! A fast data recovery time was what I hoped for. Thanks a million!”

– Michael E. Dallas, TX

“I was very impressed with the quality and speed of the data recovery. Thanks for a great job!”

– Jess R. Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for recovering the data on my old drive. I had backed up most of my data onto an external hard drive before my hard drive stopped working so I thought I was safe. Then when my external hard drive broke, I thought years worth of graphics were lost forever. I do our company’s website as well as websites for several charities. I was heartbroken to think all of this work might be lost. I was so lucky to discover Cyber Electronics. Their prices were very reasonable and I was able to get everything back -almost 10 years of work- . You guys were great and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.”

– Karen L. Houston, TX

“Cyber Electronics was fast and efficient, they got done what our IT techs could not. It is a great relief knowing they are there to help.”

– Jim F. US Army CE.

“Thanks for making me look like a real genius!!! The maintenance supervisor for our school district hadn’t backed up for a couple of years. When his drive crashed – He lost volumes of data in a number of different programs. He was totally dejected when we got a first look at the price ranges for recovery – And we never could get an actual dollar amount from any of the others we looked at. Finally I just happened upon Cyber Electronics. They gave me an actual dollar amount, it was an amount that our school district could afford. They actually rescued all of the data on the hard drive. Our district maintenance programs are all back up and running. The maintenance supervisor is happy, and all of the sudden, all of my maintenance requests are at the top of his priorities list. Thanks again, Cyber Electronics.”

– Roger C. Stevensville, MT

“I would recommend Cyber Electronics to anyone. They were extremely helpful with answering all my questions and I had quite a few. They really took their time with me and treated me as if I were the most important customer. They recovered my files and were extremely fast. They really are a great trust worthy company. Hopefully I will never need them again but if I did I would not hesitate to use them again. Thank you all for everything you all are wonderful!”

– Melissa R. Tampa, FL

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about you guys! I can tell you know , what I really like about your process is the flat rate quote. All of your competitors quoted a wide price range , or even an hourly cost, and none of them would commit to a flat price or even a more precise quote. I really can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to get your flat rate quote after trying to get your competitors to agree to a more precise estimate. As far as I am concerned, that sealed the deal for me right there. Also I have no doubt in my mind that your competitors would have charged me four or five times more than you did. And even though you said the drive was severely damaged and took longer than expected, you did not deviate from your original quote (whereas one of your competitors said flat out -if they run in to any problems it would be an additional cost per hour on top of their already high estimate!) I talked to a lot of companies, and they really gave me the impression of vultures that were preying on my misfortune. You have made a customer for life! Thanks again!”

– Thomas B. Walnut Creek, CA

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Cyber Electronics for the successful recovery of my digital data. All files were successfully recovered with no lost of information. The successful recovery by Cyber saved us both time and money and, more importantly, allowed us to move forward in our research with no need of repetition.”

– Steven K. Irvine, CA