RAID Data Recovery Services

What separates our raid retrieval techniques from the rest?

At Cyber Electronics we have a dedicated team of RAID data recovery engineers trained to handle any of your data retrieval needs with 100% customer satisfaction.

Cyber Electronics specializes in non destructive RAID recovery, and put a higher priority on every single RAID data recovery project our recovery lab receives. We know and understand they are a valuable asset for most organizations. We use the latest techniques to produce a safe sector-to sector dump of the complete volume, allowing us to recover a 1:1 image of the drive ensuring that there is no data loss.

There are many reasons why RAID system can fail:

  • Controller failure
  • Multiple drives in an array failing
  • Replacement of various hardware components
  • Accidental formatting or deleting of data
  • Improper configuration
    • One of the leading reason for data corruption and loss stems from the failure to properly implement a RAID system.
  • Long term unnoticed drive failure

Cyber Electronics is prepared to get your data back no matter what the source of the issue is.

RAID recovery of a crashed drive in the array is similar to hard drive recovery procedures. The images are checked and verified multiple times to ensure an exact image. The rest of the recovery process of is completed on the replica images, leaving the original drive(s) intact.

Weather the cause is hardware, software, or human error. Cyber Electronics is equipped to handle all your RAID recovery needs. Be sure to make the right decision with your sensitive data. Due to the overly technical skills needed to recovering a raid, trying to recover a RAID without a highly skilled RAID recovery specialist can cause your sensitive data to be put at a much higher risk of being lost forever. Make sure your decision in choosing a RAID recovery specialist is the right one.


We Recover From All Brands and Operating Systems

It does not matter what RAID brand you have or operating system you use. Our experienced data recovery specialists work with all operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell, and more. It doesn’t matter what hardware brand you have. our professional team of data recovery experts have the experience to recover your most important files (Pictures, Email, Quickbooks, PDF Word, Excel, Quicken, music, Power point, and more).