Hard Drive Failure & Data Loss

What are some symptoms that your hard drive failed or may have lost data?

Data device failure can be the cause of physical damage to the hard drive / storage device or logical corruption to the file or operating system. This damage would prevent the device from being accessible by the host OS (operating system) or computer BIOS; resulting in lost or inaccessible data. The following are some symptoms to look for:

1. Clicking Sound

Clicking sound or strange scraping sounds coming from the device or computer – These noises could be due to head crash or damage to the actuator arm. This problem occurs due to physical hard drive damage.

2. Can't Detect

System can not detect hard drive – If your system is unable to detect the hard drive then the issue could be the result of disk controller failure. This would categorize under physical data loss.

3. Not Spinning

Hard disk drive not spinning

4. Smoke / Burnt

Smoke was observed or burnt smell

5. Corrupt Firmware

Firmware has been corrupt

6. Components Fail

Hard disk drive components failed

7. Won't Boot

Computer won’t boot or you get bluescreen

8. Water Damage

Water Damage

9. Fire Damage

Fire Damage

10. Raid Failure

RAID controller failure or configuration loss

Data Recovery Services

Where do we come in? If your data is valuable, it is important that you have data recovery specialists recover the data. At Cyber Electronics, it’s what we do each and every day. Contact a data recovery specialist today or submit a form for a free quote. Not only can we recover your data, but we can also make any repairs necessary.