Professional File Recovery Services

Cyber Electronics is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to restore all of your professional and person files. It’s the reason why many companies choose us over the competition.

We can do it all

  • Any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.)


  • Any laptop, desktop, server or other storage device make or model:
    • Western Digital
    • Seagate
    • IBM
    • Hitachi
    • Maxtor
    • Fujitsu
    • Toshiba
    • Samsung
    • LaCie
    • Iomega
    • etc…
  • Any generation of drive – from the legacy type up to what is currently being shipped.
  • Any reason that causes data loss – from simple accidental deletion to the more much more damaging data loss situations – including viruses, natural disasters, power failures, corruption, hardware failure and much more

Example Recoverable File Types

Whether you have lost vital documents, spreadsheets, presentations, database files, bookkeeping files, or even worse personal images, music files or virtually any other type of file, our cost-effective solutions will retrieve them all.

  • Outlook (PST/OST) files
  • Outlook Express (DBX) files
  • Access Database (MDB,ACCDB) files
  • Word (DOC,DOCX) files
  • Excel (XLS,XSLX) files
  • Power Point (PPT,PPTX) files
  • Compressed (ZIP,RAR,7z) files
  • Executables (EXE) files
  • And many many more…

Data Recovery From all Brands

Advice if you Experience Data Recovery Loss

To prevent further damage of your data storage device and increase the chances of a successful recovery, you should follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your Equipment.
  2. Do not install or write (save) anything to your drive
  3. Do not open the hard drive
  4. Contact us for a free Quote